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A Week of Networking,  Entertainment and Fashion! DC  Fashion Week CYCLE 32!

   DC Fashion Week Cycle 32 began its cycle with a Fashion Networking party on Thursday Evening February 20, 2020, followed by loads of Fashion Designers, Models and Entertainment that continued on through Sunday February 23, 2020.

History of DC Fashion Week in Washington DC
  DC Fashion Week was started in 2003 by Show Producer, Director, Designer and Founder Mr. Ean Williams. DC Fashion Week is an event that takes place twice a year; once for the Autumn/Winter Collection and again for the Spring/Summer Collection!


DC Fashion Week Cycle 32

Thursday February 20: Opening Night Fashion Industry Networking Party

   Thursday February 20, 2020 Washington, DC had their DC Fashion Week Opening Fashion Industry Networking Party.  Located in the HEART of the MGM Casino this well-attended event took place at the MGM Felt Lounge and Bar and began at 6pm!  A great opportunity to not only enjoy a Thursday Night Happy Hour, but also a fancy night out on the town with those in the DC Fashion Industry.

   This event was complete with some of Washington DC's sought after Radio Personalities, Models, Designers, Media, etc. A red carpet with the signature DC Fashion Week step and repeat greeted attendees at the door entry. The DJ had the music flowing, the bar kept the guests satisfied and the networking was in progress.  

   As an Event Blogger and one of the experts in the area of event planning I felt that the Felt Bar and Lounge was the perfect venue for such an event. With its ample high top style furniture and exclusive seating area this venue exudes elegance and beauty.

   I had the wonderful pleasure of mixing and mingling with not only the founder and producer of DC Fashion Week, Mr. Ean Williams, but also Mr. Guy Lambert from WPGC Radio here in Washington, DC.  It was a Night of Networking, Conversations and meeting NEW Contacts. 

Producer & Founder Ean Williams and The Savvy Event Guru 

WPGC Radio Personality Guy Lambert & The Savvy Event Guru

Founder of Proof Model Agency Ronald Byrd & The Savvy Event Guru

 Designer Tania Aria & The Savvy Event Guru

Model, Actress, TV Personality Brie Crenshaw 
& The Savvy Event Guru

Friday February 21, 2020: Men's Collection
  The weekend is here and FRIDAY was the start of the flow of fashion shows for DC Fashion Week. MEN was the theme for Friday night's fashion show event.  Friday night at 8pm guests experienced The Washington MENSWEAR Collection presented by MAGNUM Underwear.  This fashion show event took place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Washington DC - Crystal City.  Designers Ainsely & Troupe, Alex Risimnic Couture, Aramide Closet, Ebannister Couture, Magnum Underwear and Obioma Fashions took to the stage for this MENSWEAR event. 

   Some of the Male Models included in the The Washington MENSWEAR Collection were male models from Owner Ronald Byrd's Proof Modeling Agency. 

Proof Modeling Agency Models photo by Ben Amare

Photo by Owner of Proof Modeling Agency Mr. Ronald Byrd

 Photo taken by Photographer Truong Lee for Phelan Marc Media

Photo taken by Photographer Truong Lee for Phelan Marc Media

Photo taken by Photographer Truong Lee for Phelan Marc Media

Saturday February 22, 2020  Emerging Designers & Indie Artist

   The DC Metropolitan Emerging Designers & Indie Artist showcase took place at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington DC.  This show began at 7pm. The venue for this event was perfect for this fashion show event.  Unless you have a meeting to attend or a wedding, generally the average person will not get a chance to check out some of the most alluring hotels in the Washington DC area so this event without question was a great opportunity for others such as myself to check out the venue!

The Savvy Event Guru

   Saturday evening's fashion show would not have been complete without the sounds of some extraordinary music talent from Local Music Artist in and around Washington, DC. Artist Ruepratt graced the stage for this DC Fashion Show along with Mr. Brown to name a few. The music was fantastic!  A lot of wonderful talent in Washington, DC.

   The Merriam Webster dictionary defines EMERGE as to become, manifest; become known. DC Fashion week offers a platform to emerging designers in Washington, DC.  DCFW provided the opportunity for designers to display their fashion in one of their many shows for the fashion week.  DC Fashion Week dedicates a full fashion show to these great designers.  Guests had the distinct pleasure of viewing designs by African Fiesta CafĂ©, EJE Intl Designs, FAM Fashion LLC, Gabby's World and Shey Natividad.

   Beautiful fashion indeed and great variety.  This show also was complete with a Cash bar for guests and vendors for shopping before, during and after the show. 

Photos by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc
Designer: Gabby with Gabby's World

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc
Designer: Gabby with Gabby's World

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc
Designer: Gabby with Gabby's World

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc
DCFW Producer & Founder with Designer Gabby

Designer Peggy Kankonde, African Fiesta Cafe

Designer Peggy Kankonde, African Fiesta Cafe

A Finale with a BANG, Sunday February 23, 2020!!

The Venue:
   The DC Fashion Week Finale Fashion Show Event took place at The Embassy of France, LA Maison Francaise in Washington DC on Sunday, February 23, 2020.  This event began at 5pm. 

This Finale event closed out CYCLE 32 for DC Fashion Week.  

   When picking a venue for this type of event, its important to think about the type of impact you want this closing event to have on the week as a whole and of course your guests.  

   As an Event expert, when I look to pick venues for not only my events, but recommendations that I make for my client's events, I am always cognitive of how easy the venue will be for vendors, guests etc. to get to and from. How can we maneuver in and out of the space. Parking is also biggie for me. Where will guest be able to park?  

   In the past I had the opportunity of attending an event at the Embassy of France, so I was quite prepared for what was in store at this venue.

   In my opinion I felt that there was ample parking for this venue and the added security for the venue created an exclusive type of feel for guests and attendees attending this finale Fashion show. The Fashion Show area was dressed in WHITE with a Fashionable backdrop, while decorative lanterns hung from the ceiling. The open lighting in the room bounced off of the ALL-WHITE that clothed the front rows for the fashion show. 

The Savvy Event Guru and Designer Danelle Johnson with Tiny House of Fashion

   VIP Guests got to experience the FRONT Row first glimpse of the fashion for that evening's show.  Media had the pleasure of viewing the show from the photo pit and a designated area off to the right. This event was complete with a Cash Bar for Guests and vendors for shopping after the finale show. 

The HOST for The Finale Show Mr. Guy Lambert and I! 

    The fashion for the finale show was amazing! Glitz, Ruffles, Tulle, sparkle and glam.  The designers did not disappoint. The designers that hit the stage for the Finale Fashion Show for DC Fashion Week included Corjor International, Eileen Bleyer Millnery, Irina Valery, DAM Fashion, African Fiesta Cafe, Sappe Euro Custom and Dur Doux. Dur Doux also was presented with the 2020 Designer to Watch award that evening.

 Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc
Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

Photo taken by LEAD Photographer Phelan Marc

The Savvy Event Guru and Designer Irina Valery
Photo taken by The Savvy Event Guru

Overall Experience
    As someone who has lived in the DC Metropolitan area for the last 15 years it has been a wonderful experience for me to experience Washington DC from so many different angles. Attending DC Fashion Week has enhanced my knowledge of the Fashion Industry in Washington, DC. 

    My Overall experience of the events that I attended for DCFW week was great!  Each event I attended was very organized.  The staff were very helpful and I was able to get to my seat with ease. I thoroughly enjoyed each event and look forward to future DC Fashion Weeks. 

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Photo by Ms. Jackie Hicks, Make-up by Letitia Thornhill 

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