Monday, December 12, 2011

Planning The Wedding of Your Dreams & then Disaster Hits!! What is a Bride to Do??

PICTURE THIS; You've met the Man of your dreams, He has asked you to marry him, you moved to another state, you get a new job, you begin planning your wedding, you have the vendors you want picked out and then BOOM, you lose your job!!!!


This type of situation has happen time and time again. And when this happens, Brides have to alter their wedding plans and make some big decisions about what to keep and what to let go!!

Take my Bride, who we will call Joy; She went through a similar situation last your for her June 2011 wedding. 

After meeting in College and continuing their state to state relationship after College, Joy and Andre, were finally ready to take that Walk down the aisle.  Because of  much stricker Job obligations, Joy and Andre thought it was better that Joy move to Tampa Florida, than to have Andre quite his job and move to the DC Metropolitan Area. 

Joy went ahead with the plan and left her job in Maryland and traveled the distance to Tampa Florida to be with her Fiance.  Thankfully Joy was able to find a job in the Tampa Florida area, prior to moving there.  Now Bride & Groom are ready to move forward with their wedding plans!!!

The Bride & Groom had decided to have their Wedding Event back in the DC Metropolitian Area.  An area in which the Bride was familiar with. A few weeks after locating to the Tampa Florida Area, Joy unexpectly lost her job.  This devastating event, SHOOK both Joy & Andre's Wedding Plans.

At this point in the Wedding Process Joy was faced with some BIG choices to make about her wedding vendors, etc.  This is a very hard decision for anyone who has mapped out how they would like their wedding to go! FLOWERS, CHAIR COVERS, DJ, etc!!!

As the Planner for my Client's wedding it was my job to make sure that Bride & Groom were still able to have the best wedding possible!!!

Joy stated that at the time when she lost her job, she had signed contracts already with the Florist, the Wedding planner, the  Wedding venue, the caterer and the photographer.

Joy also stated that she had to let go of a few extra items that she wanted to be included in her BIG DAY!!  Like for example, lounge funiture, which would be used to create a lounge scene for her & Andre's guest during their Cocktail Hour.

At this point Joy knew that it was important for her to look for alternative ways to execute the plans for her wedding.  Joy's Creative side had to kick in, immediately!!!  I then asked Joy what were some of the items and projects had she looked into doing on her own? Joy began the process of working on her....

  • -Save the dates
  • - Wedding Invitations
  • -Place cards for the Reception
  • -Centerpieces for the Reception
  • -Programs and favors for the guest
  • -bar, Menu, and bathroom signage for the event
  • -Card box
  • -& a personalized Aisle runner

And might I add, each item that Joy worked on, was done with such a beauty, that you would have thought that they were done professionally by an outside vendor.

I asked Joy the question; What were some of the places you used to pull off these projects?  

Joy mentioned that Michael's , Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby were amoungst some of the places that Joy found helpful to get the items she needed. The amount of time that Joy spent on the projects alone, was anywhere from days to weeks.  I should add that all of the preping and crafting was done in their Tampa Florida home.

Doing these projects at home, not only helped Joy tap into her creative side, but also helped her and Andre saved a ton of money!!

In times like these, We are thankful for Great Family and Friends. Joy and Andre's family pitched in and helped to make their Wedding day wonderful!!! Their family members stepped in and helped pull the event together, along with the Wedding Planner's help of course!! : )

When it was all said and done, I first asked Joy, "Would she had done anything differently?"  Joy's reply was "I definitely would not!!" "I learned so much about myself through the process, which has been a huge benefit to my career path". The last question I asked Joy was "What advice would you give to someone in your same situation? And Joy said "I would tell them to remain positive throughout each stage of planning and utilize all of your resources."  Ask family and friends about their special talents or skills or if they know anyone who does, ie, photography, flowers, etc. " Utilize the DIY wedding blogs such as Weddingbee or Project Wedding for great ideas and tutorials."  "And lastly, regardless of the situation you may be faced with, DO NOT LOSE sight of the most important factor.....YOUR NEW UNION!!!"

Joy and Andre, are now enjoying life together as husband and wife.  During this process, not only did Joy learn more about herself, but she also helped set the stage for future brides & grooms in a smiliar situation!!!

Look for More by Events...By Stephanie coming soon!!!



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