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NYFW & HiTech MODA Fashion in ACTION 9.6.19... S/S20

On Friday evening I had the Incredible opportunity of attending the HiTech MODA Fashion Show at the National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey in New York City for New York Fashion Week.  This Fashion Show event took place at 7:30pm that evening. 

I've attended many fashion shows in the past and have also produced a few of my own shows, but this is my first time attending New York Fashion Week in the BIG APPLE! After I arrived in New York on Friday, September 6, 2019 at about 2:30pm I knew that it was only a matter of hours before it would be time for me to leave my hotel and head over to the venue for the HiTech MODA's Fashion Show event!

As someone who organizes fundraisers, weddings, bridal expos, etc. I pride myself on giving my guests a one of a kind experience. I feel that everything from the way that the staff approaches your guests, the friendliness of their tone, the organization and flow of the event and the ease with getting to the venue for the event, all play a major role in the overall experience one gets from attending your event. Other important factors such as the fashion designers, the music, the type of food and or beverages or any other perks that your guests receive also assist in the overall experience that your guests will gain at your event.  


Exceptional, exciting, impressive and exhilarating, is how I describe my over all experience after attending the HiTech MODA’s Friday night fashion show for New York Fashion. 

When I arrived to the venue,  I entered the venue and there were staff members there to greet you almost immediately as soon as you walked through the door, so there was no room for getting lost in the building whatsoever.  I was directed right to the location of the  ballroom area where the event was to take place. 

There were a few step and repeats up and waiting for guests to gather around and snap photos! 

There was a separate room, where guests could purchase and view different products.  There was also a bar area as well.

The staff was very friendly, organized and very in-tuned to what the needs were for the guests.  Everything was very well polished!  The lines for the event were well managed and the staff handle the guests with care.  After speaking with a staff member, I was able to get a PRESS pass and then I was ushered over to where I would be located to view the Fashion Show.  

I had the perfect spot, right in the "Photo Pit" at the end of the runway with the photographers for the show.  I could see everything from where I was positioned!  Not bad for a first time, Event Blogger at NYFW! 

But the amazement did not stop there!  

The Venue
As mentioned the HiTech MODA New York Fashion Week Fashion Show was held at the National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey venue.  This venue is located at 226 W 44th Street, New York, NY near Time Square in the theatre district.  This new venue was what I would say is a prime location for this type of event.  Considering that this venue is new, attending the HiTech MODA Fashion Show, would allow guests to view the venue space and see the potential that the space has for possible future events. 

The venue itself was lightly lit with ocean color blues and greens; there were national geographic audio games and ocean animal information displayed all over the place, with a sea of fish display on the wall and national geographic décor around.

The décor of the venue was quite 

fitting and was very inviting for 

guests and allowed guests to see 

the National Geographic Ocean 

museum while they wait to enter 

the venue.

The actual fashion show took place in a ballroom space off to a 

area in the museum.  The space was very simple but chic.  The 

chairs, the large HiTech MODA logo screens and wide runway 

covered in "WHITE" completed the look of the space.  The large 

screens in the space also displayed themed ocean odyssey 

creatures as they related to the designers, the designer’s logo and 

the models as they walked the runway . Very Fashion Forward; 

Not to-mention the event lighting for the fashion show was a 

purple tint that only displayed on the runway; very sophisticated.

What makes a venue even more appealing is the entertaining or the potential entertaining that can be done in in the space!

Your entertainment for your event is as much important as the host for your event or the speaker for the event.  Guests want to see and hear something they've never heard before.  The HiTech MODA team open up the event with a team of elegant dancers from the United Academy of the Performing Arts. The dancers did a remarkable job!  

As you may know, September is Suicide Prevention Month and HiTech MODA teamed up with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at this event to bring awareness to the issue. 
HiTech MODA chose English-British singer Alex Boye’ to help bring the message, with his song, ”Bend Don’t Break” and he performed this song at the HiTech MODA’s Friday night NYFW Fashion Show.  His song spoke about several people on the verge of breaking and possibly pondering suicide due to depression and life changes; a very inspirational song indeed.

Another very important element that shaped my experience at the HiTech MODA Fashion Show was the FASHION!!!!


Fashion is an ART and creativity was displayed amongst

 the designers throughout the HiTech MODA's Friday night 

 opening fashion show for New York Fashion Week.  The audience

 was captivated by the gowns, the costumes, the pant suits, the

 dresses and of course the models.

The Host...Prior to the 

fashion show beginning, the 

Host Actor William Demeo 

took the stage with his Co-


Each designer brought their A-GAME to the Runway at the 

HiTech MODA Friday Fashion Show. 

HiTech MODA "WOWED" the crowd with the phenomenal 

designers for their Friday evening fashion show.  The guests had 

the great opportunity of viewing fashion designs by designer: 

  • Tre’ La Voux’ Atelier
  • Errick Kim
  • Innocence by Alycundreal
  • Tropical Spectrum by Rian Fernandez
  • Plum Blossoms by Petite Tweets
  • The Magical World of Laura Marino by Laura Marino
  •  Jovani
  • Hardcore Fashion
  • Aphrodite’s Dream by Erick Kim
  • Dominion Couture Costume Designs by Tara Bryant Johnson
  • Albert Andrada Luxewear 
  • Ethereal Angels Couture 
  • Laylah Rose

So whether you are heading out for a night on the town, or maybe 

to a black-tie event, or maybe you’re an attendee at a wedding, 

whatever the occasion you would’ve found your look at the 

HiTech MODA Fashion event.  

Below you will find some amazing photos that I took at the HiTech 

MODA Fashion Show on Friday Night.  The fashion was so 

versatile and the creativity was so extensive. 

Costume Party Wear

Winter,  White, Wear

Flower Girl

Black-Tie Event

Model, Former MISS UNIVERSE 2015 Ms. Pia Wurtzbach

A Night Out!


Not only could guests view the fantasy apparel on the runway, but 

guests had the opportunity to “BUY IT LIVE”.  This fashion show 

production team is the first show to sell multiple designers 

collections right off the runway!  This has NEVER been done 

before! Way to go HiTech MODA! 

The HiTech MODA Production Team put on an incredible fashion show for New York Fashion Show.  Thank you to Show Producer Pamela Privette for allowing The Savvy Event Guru to cover this Fashion Show Event!!

For More information on HiTechMODA check out their website at You can also follow them on Facebook at HiTech MODA, on IG at @hitechmoda and on Twitter @Hitechmoda 

For More on The Savvy Event Guru see my website at and Stay Tune for my NEXT blog story on the ASC Fashion Week NYFW Fashion from this past Saturday September 7, 2019!

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