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TRAIL BLAZING AT ITS BEST! An Evening with CEO & FOUNDER of Proof Modeling Agency Mr. Ronald Byrd!
I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Mr. Ronald Byrd since 2015 and my experience has been nothing short of amazing. Not only do I call Ronald Byrd, a business partner but also a friend. I am delighted that Mr. Byrd would take time out of his busy schedule of running his Modeling Agency to do this interview for me.

Mr. Ronald Byrd and The Savvy Event Guru

The Savvy Event Guru:
Thank you Mr. Ronald Byrd for doing this interview.

Mr. Ronald Byrd:
Your Welcome! Thank you for this opportunity.

The Savvy Event Guru: Your very welcome. So let's begin.

The Savvy Event Guru: A lot of people that I meet in and area Washington, DC are rarely from the Washington Area. Where are you originally from?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: I'm a native Washingtonian

The Savvy Event Guru: Okay wonderful!

The Savvy Event Guru: When did you first begin working in the Fashion Industry?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: I was thrusted into the fashion industry when working soon after high school for a men's clothing store and it was on from there!

The Savvy Event Guru: What influenced you to get into the fashion Industry? Did you have a mentor?

Mr. Ronald Byrd:
I think it was 1984 when I got my big break by landing a sales position working at Gucci Watergate in Washington DC. After working with the influential, rich and wealthy from all over the world, who would also travel to shop at Gucci, I would say that it was some of the best experiences one could have especially as a young black man from DC. I had always had an infinity for style and fashion but being apart of this operation and learning so much, I thought that this was the professional direction I wanted to go in.

The Savvy Event Guru: So when did you begin your Blog “Style Speaks”?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: Style Speaks came about after working as a concierge temporarily; one of my tenants in the office building would always speak to me and we'd compliment each other all the time on our attire and I loved talking about fashion with him. He suggested that I should take my questions and answers to the streets and create a video blog acting as a roving reporter on the streets of DC. The objective was just to approach people while he recorded me and talk style and fashion. I was like "are you crazy" and then I thought if he thought I could do it and it was a good idea then maybe others would too. He never got the chance to record me but I got a friend to stand in for him and it was on and Style Speaks was born!

The Savvy Event Guru: WOW, so it sounds like the tenant in your office building's job was to "Plant the Seed" and you were supposed to take it from there? And that you did!

The Savvy Event Guru: What did your BlogStyle Speaks include?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: Style Speaks was just something that I felt that people or maybe just myself was missing. I had always been complimented on my fashion choices but no one would ask why I selected what I did or what makes me comfortable in certain looks and the colors etc. So for me it was just about the dialogue, the back and forth with real conversation about fashion. I never felt I was any expert by no means but I considered myself kinda of a deep person and a conversationalist so why not engage people whether they were into fashion or not. Everyone has a since of style whether they know it or not and Style Speaks was just based on that premise, "let's get the conversation started". I began with talking to people on the streets and that blossomed into meeting people in cafe's and coffee shops and even meeting people at their businesses and homes. I've had the luxury of interviewing random people, special guests, doctors, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, models, actors, designers and blue collar workers alike.
The Savvy Event Guru: Wow, so it sounds like your Style Speaks Video blog really took off!

The Savvy Event Guru: How many years did you do this blog? Why did you walk away from this brand?
Mr. Ronald Byrd: I began doing Style Speaks in 2013 and last year in 2019, I decided to stop doing the video blog, because I was no longer uploading my interviews to my YouTube channel maybe a year or so before the year 2019, due to some personal issues and I actually just got tired and overwhelmed with doing the blog. It was a lot to get those interviews booked and at one time I had done four interviews in 1 month. Once I created my modeling agency called PROOF in late 2014, I just couldn't continue to do both, the Video Blog and the Modeling Agency.

The Savvy Event Guru: That is completely understandable. Sometimes it's just time to move on!

The Savvy Event Guru: When exactly did you begin your modeling agency “Proof Modeling Agency”?

Mr. Ronald Byrd & Real Housewives of Atlanta Star & Bailey Modeling Agency Owner, Cynthia Bailey - January 2015

Mr. Ronald Byrd: I started PROOF Modeling Agency in December 2014.

The Savvy Event Guru: Where is your agency based?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: My agency is based in the Washington, Maryland and Virginia areas. I've also had clients in New York and Boston and now I currently have clients in Atlanta and Delaware.

The Savvy Event Guru: Okay, wow so your modeling agency reaches a lot of major Cities! That's impressive!

The Savvy Event Guru: How many models to date, have you worked with at Proof Modeling Agency?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: That's a hard question but maybe 30 - 35 clients including my current 13 clients.

The Savvy Event Guru: What is your vision and mission behind Proof Modeling Agency?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: My vision for my Modeling Agency is only to be the best all exclusive male modeling agency in the area. I like to think that I have the best of the best model /actor clients. Of course I want to work with clients who have a sense of professionalism, drive and passion. PROOF is a very eclectic group of men who may or may not be deemed industry savvy.  I employ not your average size models who would sometime be viewed as the industry standard. My mission is to change the face of male modeling and continue to fight and advocate for not just my models but for all models to get what they deserve in compensation whether it be monetarily of otherwise.

The Savvy Event Guru: What influenced you to start your all guys Modeling agency?
Mr. Ronald Byrd: When I decided to create PROOF Modeling Agency, I didn't really start out by only using male models to be a part of my agency. I actually have had two female models very early on but coming from a teaching and mentorship aspect, I just didn't feel that managing female models was the best fit for me personally. I couldn't provide what the ladies needed and give them the tutorage, that I could give the men, having been a male model myself, it was just a comfortable position for me and I just felt that I should practice what I preach.

The Savvy Event Guru: Who are some of the organizations that Proof Modeling Agency is affiliated with?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: PROOF Modeling Agency isn't currently affiliated with any other companies or organizations at this time but in the past we have been blessed to have sponsors for shows that I've put on through my Agency!

The Savvy Event Guru: Do your models participate in any annual/yearly events? If so what events?

Mr. Ronald Byrd:
Yes, there are a few annual benefit events and fashion shows that I like to support and so does my clients; such as your annual benefit, with Stephanie White Events and DCFW and a few more.
The Savvy Event Guru: Thank you so very much and your models do a FINE Job! I am grateful to you and your agency!

The Savvy Event Guru: How has having your modeling agency changed you as a person? Think to when you first started up until now.

Mr Ronald Byrd: I don't think that starting the agency has changed me much, I've been around a long time and having such incredible clients over the years has just given me more gratitude, also coupled with being humble, this has allowed me to strive to be the best agent I can be and the best person I can be.

The Savvy Event Guru:
What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the Fashion industry as a model?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: I get this question everyday and is one of the reason why I started PROOF. I say to them, "Do your homework and know that modeling is not just about having a good looking face or a great body, it's about hard work and having a lot of patience". "No one gets rich over night but have faith in yourself and trust the process and find someone that believes in you and of course believe in yourself."

The Savvy Event Guru: Thats great advice! With all the competition out here for models, some sound advice from a Veteran Fashion Industry trail blazer is perfect!

The Savvy Event Guru: What’s next for the Proof Modeling Agency?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: I can't predict the future but even with the Pandemic, we've gotten off to an amazing start for this year, with some amazing new clients, working with producers on all types of projects outside of modeling also. We're a very flexible and talented group of guys and there's nothing out of bounds!
The Savvy Event Guru: Wow thats very impressive! I think that it's important to not allow a pandemic threaten the progress of your business. There are ways to still move forward with projects, etc. Sometimes we have to find more creative ways to get things done.

Mr. Ronald Byrd:
That is correct!

The Savvy Event Guru: So what’s next for Mr. Ronald Byrd?

Mr. Ronald Byrd, Guest & Real Housewives of Potomac Star Gizelle Bryant

Mr. Ronald Byrd: What's next for me, is to just continue to be the best that I can be, which is a work in progress. I also want to stay true to myself and hopefully this will bring more joy and happiness.
The Savvy Event Guru: That's good! I think that regardless of what we do in life, it is important to stay true to ourselves.

The Savvy Event Guru: How can someone who wants to join Proof Modeling agency get in touch with you?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: People can reach me on social media under "Ronald Byrd".

The Savvy Event Guru: How can people learn more about Proof modeling agency?

Mr. Ronald Byrd: People can go to the company website at

The Savvy Event Guru: Okay wonderful!! Thank you, thank you so much again Ronald for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me. I am grateful to you!
Mr. Ronald Byrd & The Savvy Event Guru

Mr. Ronald Byrd: Your certainly welcome and thank you again for this opportunity.
For more information on Proof Modeling Agency please check out "Proof Modeling Agency" on Facebook, @proofmodelingagency on Instagram and at

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  1. I love the philosophy of Proof Modeling Agency. Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep the non traditional male models coming!

  3. Congratulations Ron and PROOF Modeling Agency! I welcome seeing a variety of male models especially non-traditional. Continue to etch your creativity into the fashion world!

    1. Thank you for your response! Ronald does an excellent job with his models.

  4. Replies
    1. You're very welcome. My apologies for my delay. Have a wonderful day! -Stephanie


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