Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Importance of Utilizing all Marketing Tools to advertise Your Business.....

When I first began my Event Planning Company, I had no idea how I was going to get started.  All I knew was that I had a passion for planning events and that planning events was something I wanted to do. Without a Company name in mind nor any business cards to hand out, I was given the opportunity to go to a Wine Festival Event and push the business of my unidentified company. With that I had to think fast about what I wanted my company to be called and think fast on where to purchase advertisement material. With that being said, I ended up calling my company Events...By Stephanie and ordering my first business cards, which only included my name, number and email address from

Today as my business continues to grow, I continue to use more and more marketing tools to advertise my business. I think that it is important to use as many marketing tools as one can use. Though you may be thinking "Who would I ever attract on this website?" you just never know. I also recommend utilizing the Social Medias out there as well. You can do a lot for you business, by setting up information about your company on varies sites. This element alone will help your business grow.  The more people that see your business the better the chances are that you will get more business.

Some of the FREE Sites to take advantage of are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Some other marketing tools to take advantage of are blogs, associations, newspaper listings, networking events, flyers, brochures, etc. If you are looking to grow your business, you have to THINK BIG and utilize every marketing tool possible.

Today my company not only has business cards, but I also have and use a company website, brochures, blogs, social medias, word of mouth and an occasional networking event.

By using every marketing tool possible, you are giving your business more explosure, which in turns only helps your business.

Stephanie White


  1. Great tips! LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are great networking tools when used in combination with 'real world' networking.

  2. This is Very True!!! With using a combination of Social medias, you are opening yourself up to a variety of customers.

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