Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Importance of Having the Right People on Your Team....

It is a known fact that "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." 

With that being said it is very important to have the right people on your team and in your life.  This statement can be used and enforced in your personal life as well as in your professional life. As far as my personal life is concerned, I am pleased to say that as my life continues to move and I continue to grow  I will continue to surround myself with positive people and like minded people.

The advice was once given to me by an Event Planner and business owner, who is also a Mentor to me, that when you choose your team you want to make sure that they are interested in your line of work, just as you are.  There is nothing like having the wrong people work with you who don't hold the same standards about your craft as you do.  Keeping this advice in mind, I ventured out on the search to find the right people to be on the Events....By Stephanie Team.

In my search to find the right people there are a few attributes these people need to have.
  • Posses some knowledge of the Event Planning Industry
  • Posses organizational and administration skills
  • Know the importance of deadlines
  • Know the importance of being on-time
  • Have a passion for helping people plan their events
When finding the right people to be on your team it is important to have a face-to-face meeting with this person.  It is important to get a feel for the person that you may bring on board.  You will also want to know what other work they have done.  In making this decision you not only have to think about your self but also about the life of your business.

Consequences of Having the Wrong People on Your Team
  • Business deals fall through
  • Business does not get carried out as planned
  • Conflict of interest between yourself and your team member
  • Ruined repore with clients
  • No future business deals
  • Company name shamed
  • Company will lose money

I can't stress the importance of keeping positive people in your life and making sure that the right people are on your team.  Have you evaluated your life lately? Maybe there are some people you need to remove from your life. Have you evaluted your business?  Maybe there are some people on your team who are just not the right fit!!!!

Stephanie White

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