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"We Will Survive Cancer" Organization Celebrates Multiple Events in 2022!

 A Busy Year for the We will Survive Cancer Organization!

Someone once said that "We are merely here on this earth to serve others and not ourselves".  

No one does this better than founder Gayela Bynum, of the "We will Survive Cancer" organization. 

I had the pleasure of attending not 1 but 2 Black Tie events this year given by The We Will Survive Cancer organization. 

The History

Gayela Bynum, started the WWSC 501(c)3 in August 2009.  I asked Gayela, "What was your influence  behind starting the "We Will Survive Cancer" organization in my 2020 interview with her and she said that her purpose for starting the WWSC organization was influenced by her daughter in-law Michelle Tull Bynum.  "My daughter in-law Michelle Tull Bynum was diagnosed with advanced Stage III breast cancer in September 2005.  She was 32 years old, a new mother with a 13-month-old baby."  

Gayela, recognized the financial needs of the families effected by cancer and she wanted to supply a resource the would help make the load less heavy for these families!

Fundraising Efforts

Aside from several different events each year WWSC organizes to help families, the organization also holds an annual Gala Event.

"We Will Survive Cancer" Gala

WWSC had their first Gala Event in 2014. At each event a Cancer Survivor is honored!  Gayela Bynum also produces another Event, an Award show to be exact. This Award Show was influenced by her daugher-in-law, Michelle's  "words", " Don't Waste My Cancer".  At this event a person who embodies the words of Michelle, "Don't Waste My Cancer" is honored. Individuals are chosen based on the influence they have in other people's life and how they won't allow their cancer diagnosis keep them from living their lives to the fullest

I had the pleasure of attending both the WWSC 13th Annual Gala and the "Don't Waste My Cancer" Award Show this year. 

The Award Show

On Saturday, November 12, 2022, I attended the "Don't Waste My Cancer" Award Show.  

The Don't Waste My Cancer" Event was held at the McLaren Sterling VA. This beautiful location was transformed into a runway space, cocktail bars accompanied each side of the room with a photographer pit at the end of the runway. The runway was beautifully highlighted with event lighting and the Crystal Ice cushion chairs added that elegant touch.

Photos by The Savvy Event Guru


The Fashion

The models did an amazing job with modeling gorgeous Fashion by Lawrence Clothiers and

Gorgeous Gowns by Sonia Garbarino. The models also did a fantastic job modeling elegant jewelry pieces by Yurman.

Photos by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by Simon Bechara
Photo by Simon Bechara

Photo by Simon Bechara

The Entertainment
Guests were not only entertained by fashion and jewelry but also by a wonderful DJ and an extraordinary Saxophonist.

The Awardee
The "Don't Waste My Cancer" Award event always has an honoree and this year's "Don't Waste My Cancer" Awardee was Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen.  Dr. Allen, who is known as "The People's Emcee", in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area,  is a Woman who embodies the love for people, the love for life and the love for positive energy.  Dr. Allen has a niche for "Connecting" people.  Her love for connecting others and her passion for life is displayed whenever she greets you! Dr. Renee' Allen truly embodies Michelle's words! 

Photos by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by Simon Bechara

The opinion
As a first time attender of this event, I was in for an amazing treat! Sophisticated, exquisite and alluring is how I would describe this event. The WWSC team did a phenomenal job with the flow of events and the components of the show, to include fashion and jewelry scored several compliments.  Everyone from the guests and special guests were dressed in their best! I had a phenomenal time supporting the WWSC organization and my friend and Honoree Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen

**Eight Months Earlier** 

WWSC 13th Annual Gala:
On Friday March 25, 2022, "We will survive Cancer" had their 13th Annual Fundraiser Event at the Lamborghini in Sterling VA. 
This event included top-tier Sponsors, amazing entertainment, exceptionally special guests and more. The event space included black elegant chair covers with a gold ribbon sash that set the tone for the event. The space was complete with a Red Carpet area, Gorgeous Lamborghini and sports Cars, chic refreshment displays and more. 

The Hostess
The event Hostess & Emcees for WWSC's 13th Annual Gala was Mrs. International 2021, Yolanda Stennett and Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen.

The Honoree
At each event the WWSC honors an individual that has been an inspiration in life and the 2022 honoree was Maureen Mcdonnell-Weschler.  Maureen has been fighting cancer for the past 22 years. She is truly an inspiration!
Photo by G. Eddie Patten 

Other awards were given out as well. 

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

Raising Funds for WWSC

At this event there were several ways people could make a donation to the WWSC organization. There were 2-3 Silent Auction Stations set up within the event space.  There were also sponsorship opportunities available as well. 

DJ Rex supplied the music for this event and he did an extraordinary job. 

Some of the big sponsors for this event included GOLD Sponsor Bitcoin Rodney, Warren Shadd, Vivien Agbakoba and Marcela Urioste to name a few.
Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Cocktails by Cryssy supplied the drinks for this event all evening and the display was fantastic!   

The guestlist was exceptional.  The Special Guests included Mr. DC Fashion Week Ean Williams, Jenise Davis, Patricia Watts, International Model Selamawit Yirga Bekele, Jackson Gerst, Micheline bowman, Cintia Hullen, Chelly Roy with the Chelley Roy show, Susan Smallwood with Grand Caviar-queen, Celebrity Live Painter Demont Pinder was in attendance and Celebrity guest Sunni was also in the building, from Fox 5 as a Contributing host.  

The Opinion 

Captivating, Exceptional and efficient is how I would describe my experience as an attendee at the "We Will Survive Cancer" 13th Anniversary Gala event.  In the past I've had the chance to view footage of this event and nothing beats attending and witnessing this event in person!

Photos by The Savvy Event Guru

The Lamborghini Sterling showroom was a fitting location for the occasion. This Five-Star location only added to the luxury feel of this event. This event took up 2 spaces within the showroom and guests were able to flow into each space with ease. Music filled the air in each space and guests had the option to view the silent auction stations in each room with a Caviar station in the second space.  The WWSC organization has a tremendous amount of great support and this organization helps a lot of families in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  Founder Gayela Byumn and team did a phenomenal job. I'm truly grateful to experience, firsthand the WWSC Gala.  This event was extraordinary! 

Photos by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by The Savvy Event Guru
Photo by The Savvy Event Guru

Photo by Ms. Jackie Hicks, Make-up by Ms. Letitia Thornhill 

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