Friday, January 7, 2011

Why Do People Hire Event Planners?

It wasn't until I was asked to coordinate my first event, that I understood why "People Hire Event Planners".

The definition of an "Event Planner" is Someone who plans social events as a profession; usually for government or corporate officials.

Today people hire event planners, for not only corporate events but for personal events as well.  People hire event planners for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, house warming parties, bar mitzvah parties, holiday parties, dinner parties and more.

As an Event Planner I can say that in my experience of planning events I have executed events from start to finish. As a Planner it is my goal to get the client's vision for their event and coordinate their event in such a way that they receive exactly what they ask for. 

People hire Event Planners because they are too busy to plan the event themselves.  Sometimes all the details for the events are too overwhelming for people and they would much rather outsource the planning of their event. People hire event planners because they sometimes need a "Buffer" (a cushion-like device that reduces shock due to an impact) in place, that would help with any conflict between the client and their family, or the client and their vendor.

As an Event Planner it is my job to coordinate the parties involved, any vendors they may have, the timeline for the event, etc.  My job as the planner is done when my clients leave for the evening and all items are back in their correct place.

Each Event Planner does their job differently.  No two are the same!!!!!


  1. How does an Event Planner successfully plan and execute an event in today's climate of so-so etiquettes with a slightly warm RSVP response?

  2. In a climate of so-so etiquettes with a slightly warm RSVP response, it is still possible to execute and plan an event.

    As an Event Planner I like to explain to my clients the outcome of the RSVP situation. You will have people who will not RSVP and will show up for the day of the event. On the other hand you do have people who follow through and send in their RSVP if they are attending. One thing I like to do is stress the importance of the RSVP to my clients. It is imperative that the client speaks with their family and friends and stress to them the importance of the RSVP response. Some major "Damage Control" may have to take place, if this situation gets out of hand.

    Thank you for your comment!!

  3. There are countless advantages of event planners. Event management companies plans, conceptualise, design and bring their vision to reality. Planning an event can be a lot stressful, this is why hiring an event planners can take some stress of. Conceptualizing an event means handling the event logistics of sub processes etc. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Event management companies save time and money while ensuring the event fits the budget and meets desired preferences. Their services typically include complete event planning including organizing, budgeting, venue sourcing, catering, entertainment, gifts, sponsorship, etc. As an event planners in Dubai, I am glad to come across this. Thanks for sharing.

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