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The POWER of FASHION Show 9.21.19...

A Cause to Pause for The  Power of Fashion
The Savvy Event Guru had the opportunity of checking out The Power of Fashion Show on Saturday September 21, 2019!  

Fashion at its FINESS!  Everything about this show spoke volumes of GREATNESS in the making for future shows for this production team!!!  The venue, the designers, the fashion, the models, the special guests, etc all were strategic hand-picked to help with the success of this event!  What makes this event even more successful is the fact that the proceeds are connected to a CAUSE!! 
Photo taken by Photographer Phelan

The Cause
September is known as Sickle 
Cell Disease Awareness Month 
and proceeds from The Power 
of fashion show went to Sickle 
Cell Disease Association of 

Sickle Cell anemia, also known 
as sickle cell disease is a blood disorder caused by inherited 
abnormal hemoglobin, which cause red blood cells to distort and 
become sickle cells.  The sickle cells are very fragile and can 
easily rupture. Anemia sets in when these cells rupture and the 
number of red blood cells decrease.  (

Sickle cell anemia is one of the more common genetic disorders in 
the world today.  It is believed to be roughly 100,000 individuals 
living with this condition.  (

This is such a wonderful cause for such an event!  

The overall experience
Exceptional, very impressive and what I like to call “A cut above 
the rest”, is how I describe my over all experience after attending 
“The Power of Fashion” Show.  I arrived to the venue with perfect 
ease. Street parking was available for guests and participates or a 
quick cab ride to the venue was also an option.  Once inside, I was 
greeted by a Hostess in the foyer and I was then directed to the 
3rd floor, where I was then escorted to the Fashion Show space and 
then escorted to my seat.  The show began with great 
entertainment by a wonderful dancer.  Followed by the welcome 
from the hostess with the MOST, Dr. Renee Allen, the host of the 
Renee Allen and Friends Show on WLVS Radio. The staff were 
very nice and accommodating  The vibe of the show was amazing 
and the timeline was carry out without a minute to spare! 
But of course this show would not be successful without a great 
production team!  The Team for the Power of Fashion Show 
included Toni Foster, Steve Bennett, Givonshy Smith, Toni 
Burnett, Phelan Marc, Tishawn Marie and several others!


Photos taken by Photographer Phelan

This team knew that they needed to KICK the ball right out of the 
park with this first fashion show, so the choice of venue would 
definitely be important. 

The Venue
Heavy IRON doors greeted you at the entrance to the venue, along 
with Cathedral Style walls and ceilings, plush couch and chairs, 
wall height mirrors, mantles, fireplaces and a staircase ONLY 
seen in magazines; the Perry Belmont House, located at 1618 New 
Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, was a excellent 
choice for venue for such an extravagant event.  The setting of 
each room told a story of the venue and told a story for what you 
would experience at this event.


High ceilings, marble floors, pictures handing, candle chandelier 
hanging in the center of the room, long drapes show of life in 
another time, another decade, another era.  The scene was 
definitely set for the Power of Fashion Show.

The venue was PERFERT for this Inaugural event.  When guests arrived, they headed up the elegant staircase to the 3rd floor 
and then directed to the venue space.  The Fashion show space was. 
tucked away in a grand size room located near the rear of the 3rd 
floor.  A GOLD, GRAND, piano greeted you at the entrance of the 
space!  The room was clothed in burgundies, golds, reds and 
creams, 2 aisles of lined chiavari chairs faced one another, GOLD 
drapes hugged the floor length windows with candle lobbers that 
hung from the wall and a chandler from the ceiling.  Each chair 
welcomed guests with a SWAG bag. The candle lights, sparks of 
reds, burgundies and gold gave the event space more of a romantic 
feel and set the mode for the event.  An A+ to the Production team!

Special guests
The Power of Fashion Show had a pleather of exciting and 
wonderful guests at their inaugural event.
Icon extraordinaire, Mr. John Blassingame founding publisher for 
“Hype Hair”, TBW Style Report and Blackmen magazine, with 
other work in 12 other magazines, was present for the Power of 
Fashion Show event.
Photo taken by Photographer Phelan
Chief Executive Publisher of Fashion Avenue News, Editor-in-
Chief of Global Luxury Brands, Model World, The Fan Daily, The 
Editors Council and the Fashion Impire, Ms. Sofia Davis was also 
in the building for this event.
Photo taken by Photographer Phelan
The Hostess with the MOST was none other than Dr. Renee Allen
the Host of the Renee Allen and friends show on WLVS Radio.  
This 22-year Retired Veteran, is on the Board of Directors for 
American Mother’s Inc, Felicia’s Fund, Eleanor Foundation, is the 
Secretary and Historian for Sisters 4 sisters Network and an 
international best-selling author of “Rebel Rising.”

 Photo taken by Photographer Phelan
Host Dr. Renee Allen with American Celebrity Stylist and Make-Up Artist Derrick Rutledge!

Photo taken by Photographer Phelan
The Power of Fashion brought together other big media names and 
brands in and around the DMV.  We all came together on one 
accord for the cause and to view the fashion.

The Fashion
The Power of Fashion Show designers were phenomenal.  Guests 
had the opportunity of viewing fashion by designers, Jarmal 
HarrisMargaret Persaud with Gamakache Black, Mrs. 
Maryland United States 2017 Katya Avdeev with Katya Avdeev 
Couture, and International hall of Fame Celebrity designer 
Scheron Harley with Haus of Falenci’ago. Elegant, Chic, 
Gorgeous, and romantic, each designer brought something, new, 
fresh and divine to the runway. 
Photos taken by Photographer Phelan

The fashion REPRESENTED the VENUE very well!!  Location, 
location is always important when planning an event.  As a fellow 
event coordinator and show producer, I pride myself on creating an 
experience for my guests and the location plays a role in the kind 
of experience that one will get!
Photos taken by Photographer Phelan

A PERFECT Strategic MOVE by The Power of Fashion 
Production team!!!! There were pearls, bling, lace ruffles, 
ballgowns, jumpsuits, heals, etc. Wonderful job done for your 
Inaugural Fashion show event!

Check out photos of me with some of the guests from The Power 
of Fashion Show!

The Savvy Event Guru and HOST Dr. Renee Allen

The Savvy Event Guru and photographer Phelan Marc

The Savvy Event Guru and Model Richard Senkbile

The Savvy Event Guru and Nati UN. CEO & Founder of The Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant

The Savvy Event Guru & Models

The Savvy Event Guru and Rodney Branche with Copa Style Magazine

For more on The Savvy Event Guru 
and Stay tune for my upcoming 
story and interview with 
International Hall of Fame Celebrity 
Designer and Stylist of HAUS Of 
FALENCI'AGO Scheron Harley!


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