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Heavyweight Boxer Rahman Ali, The Late Muhammad Ali's Younger Brother, Honored at Black History Month Event in Washington DC!

Heavy Weight Boxer Rahman Ali Honored at 2023 Black History Month Event

Photo Curtesy of Express Co.UK

    On February 24, 2023,  Rahman Ali was honored at a Black History Month Ceremony Presented by Global Conscious Initiative and Victory Stadium along with the DMV 48 Men of Power and Lapas for Victory.

Co-Founders of DMV 48 Men of Power Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen aka: @ThePeoplesEmcee and 

Rev. Dr. Bruce Branch  

     This Black History event took place at the Marriott Bethesda  Downtown HQ in Bethesda, MD.  Award Winning recording Artist, Sylver Logan Sharp gave a phenomenal performance along with the First Woman of Color Comedic Impressionist in the History of Our Nation, Dr. Sylvia Traymore Morrison, who did a phenomenal  job and the audience could not stop laughing!

Award Winning Recording Artist Sylver Logan Sharp

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

Mrs. Caroline Ali, Rahman Ali & Comedic Impressionist Dr. Sylvia Traymore Morrison
Photo by G. Eddie Patten

About Rahman Ali

Born on July 18, 1944, Rudolph Valentino Clay was a 18-Round Heavyweight Boxer from Louisville, Kentucky.  Not only does Rahman carry the title of Heavyweight Boxer, but he is also the younger brother to Boxing Champion & Legend Muhammad Ali.  Rahman Ali's boxing career spans from 1965 to 1977 and Rahman is the Author of 2 Best Selling Books as well! 

Photo Curtesy of Mirror Co.UK

    Friend and Soul Brother from another Mother, Mr. Atta Amin, says,  He met both Rahman Ali and Muhammad Ali in September 2015.  As quoted by Dr. Renee' Allen who witnessed their friendship and interaction over lunch, while here in Washington, DC , "Atta Amin is truly a brother from another mother to Rahman Ali and Muhammad Ali"

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

(Rahman Ali DMV Alum and Embassy:Front row: Mrs. Caroline Ali, Rahman Ali, Heba Khasogji Embassy of Sausi Arabia and Emin Ohran Dereli   Second row: Dr. Renee' Allen, Rev Dr Bruce Branch,  Atta Amin, Todd Rogers, Dr. Bruno Mazali, Bishop Billie Saint-James, Dr. Roy Hern (MD), Dr. Lance London)    

Mr. Amin says "My Inspiration is the great Champion Muhammad Ali and how he handled everything so beautifully."

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

(Rahman Ali, Wife, Caroline Ali, Dr. Mazali, Lenora Howze (AFRO Executive), Heba Khassogji , Mr.Atta Amin (Victory Stadium), Dr. Renee' Allen and Emin Ohran Dereli)     

Mr. Atta Amin was one of the last people to speak with Muhammad Ali about continuing his legacy and promised him he would continue his legacy through his brother Heavy Weight Boxer and 2 Book Best selling author, Rahman Ali.  

    This Black History Month Honors event was an exceptional way to end the 2023 Black History Month and it was an honor to have Mr. Rahman Ali and his wife, Mrs. Caroline Ali attend this event. 

Photo Curtesy of Afro-American Newspaper


Mr. Rahman Ali received a Citation from Senator Chris Van Hollen.  Mr. Rahman Ali also received a Proclamation from Prince George's County States Attorney Aisha Braveboy, who has now dedicated February 24th as "Rahman Ali Day"! 

Dr. Renee' Starlynn Allen with Mr. Rahman Ali & Mrs. Caroline Ali

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

    The Embassies of Saudi Arabia and Turkey were in attendance for this event and they gave beautiful heart-felt words of respect, honor and celebration for Rahman Ali and Muhammad Ali!

    This event could not be complete without boxing tributes, which was made possible by Todd Rogers, President of Logical Technology and Research.  

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

    The boxing Tributes included Deputy Commissioner DC Combat Sports Commission, S. Skip Brown and Henry "Discombobulating" Jones, Ring Announcer.  Also in attendance was a dear friend to Dr. Allen and Sugar Ray Leonard's Sister, Pastor Sandra Leonard Saint-James and husband Bishop Billy Saint-James, who provided the closing prayer.  Undefeated Heavy Hitting Diva Franchon paid her respects as well. 

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

    This event could not have taken place without the sponsors. Sponsors for this event included Hart Construction, Global Conscious Initiative, Carolina Kitchen, Victory Grace Center, Victory Stadium, Afro American Newspaper, Tobacco king, Offsite Yacht, Dr. Bruno Mazali Own It! Magazine and Publishing and photographer G. Eddie Patten.

Photo by G. Eddie Patten

(Rahman Ali DMV48 Men of Power ALUM: Front row Dr. Lance London, Dr. Roy Heron (MD), Bishop Saint James, Second row: Todd Rogers, Atta Amin, Rev Dr Bruce Branch and Dr. Bruno Mazali)

Trip to Qatar
    Prior to this historic event, Mr. and Mrs. Rahman Ali and Mr. Atta Amin, traveled to Qatar during the World Cup in 2022. They met with Mohamed Riad Massani, who promised much and has delivered nothing to date.  He and Mr. Amin made an arrangement in writing after many valuable pieces of Lapas, signed boxing gloves and signed Lapas were exchanged.  Promises were made by him, for which Mr. Ali, is prayerful for the promises made to him in Qatar to become a reality. 
Photo Curtesy of Mr. Atta Amin

Photo Curtesy of Mr. Atta Amin

Photo Curtesy of Mr. Atta Amin
Photo Curtesy of Mr. Atta Amin

    It is truly an honor and privilege to be in the presence of Mr. Rahman Ali and his beautiful and gracious wife Mrs. Caroline Ali.  Mr. Rahman Ali exemplifies strength and courageous courage.  Mr. Rahman Ali is an inspiration for the world!

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Photo by Ms. Jackie Hicks, Make-up by Ms. Letitia Thornhill

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