Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Sunday Mornings with Dr. Jazz & Victory Grace Center

 The VIP Experience from the Door to the Pew Every Sunday at Victory Grace Center with Dr. Jasmin Sculark! 

On Sunday November 12, The Savvy Event Guru had a chance to stop by and Fellowship with the GREAT Members of Victory Grace Center Church with Lead Pastor Dr. Jasmin Sculark aka Dr. Jazz!

The welcome received from the door as, I entered Victory Grace Center was both warm and welcoming. 

The Staff engaged with me immediately, welcoming me to the sanctuary.  I was then ushered into the sanctuary and quickly seated with my friend Dr. Renee Allen, who invited me. When I arrived Praise & Worship had begun, and the worship experience was welcomed. 

Hands and voices raised high, the choir sang praise and worship before the service begun. 

Most Pastors, have their own unique way of preaching the gospel and Dr. Jazz is exceptional.  Dr. Jazz brought and preached the word and I left the sanctuary feeling better than when I arrived.  

I was then given the amazing opportunity to sit with Dr. Jazz that week, after service and I got a chance to learn more about the Trinidad born Pastor.

The Savvy Event Guru:  Dr. Jazz, wonderful, wonderful service!  Thank you. I received just what I needed and a little more to carry me through the week!

The Savvy Event Guru:  Dr. Jazz, can you take me on the Journey of how you answered your "Call" to preach the Gospel?  We can actually begin with where you were born. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Okay that will be perfect!  Well, I was born in Trinidad, in a village called Laventille.  I never really knew my father and tragically my mother passed away when I was 14 years old. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  I am so very sorry to hear that.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: No, it's okay.  

The Savvy Event Guru: You know sometimes life circumstances can be used as fuel to go "Forward" and do great things in life. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: One day when I was fourteen years old, I was invited to church.  Little did I know that day I would be so impacted by the service.  I knew then that was going to Preach!

The Savvy Event Guru:  WOW, that is amazing.  Sometimes it takes some people a lifetime to recognize their calling and you found your within only a few minutes.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  I knew then that I wanted to make an impact on people.

The Savvy Event Guru: So, after God spoke to you about your calling, what happen next?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  I knew that I needed to come to the United States. I was denied entry into the US 6 times and finally was given the opportunity to come in 1985.  

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  Once I was in the United States I went to New York and applied to a Bible school and was accepted to an All-White Bible School. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  You sound like a force to be recon with.  You knew the assignment and wasted no time in getting started! 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  Thats right!

The Savvy Event Guru: Can you take me on the journey of how you started Victory Grace Center? 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Yes, definitely.  So, 8 years ago, Bishop TD Jakes prophesied over me and said "a GREAT door is going to open for me." This was something that stuck by me and in me. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: In 2015, I Pastored Jericho City of Praise and left after 1 year.  Then in 2016 in September on Labor Day to be exact, I started Victory Grace Center! 

The Savvy Event Guru: That is amazing Congratulations!  It sounds like that door opened up! 😊 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Thank you thank you it has been a blessing! 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: When Victory Grace Center was started, we began in Bladensburg High School and was there for 2 years. Then we moved to Springdale High School for 1 year. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Not only were we in the building every Sunday but we at Victory Grace Center feed 500-600 people every Saturday. 

The Savvy Event Guru: Only great things will happen when you sow into others.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  When the pandemic hit everything shut down and we went Virtual.  For 3 years 120 people met via Zoom for Sunday Service. 

The Savvy Event Guru: The level of commitment and the power of God's Word spoken through you has made such an impact, even during the Pandemic when everything was shut down.

The Savvy Event Guru: So, when did you come back to the building?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: In August 2022 the Lord said that it is time for you to go back in the building, it's time for you to go back in person.

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  In January 2023 Victory Grace Center began in person worship services once a month at Restoration Praise Center.

The Savvy Event Guru: There is nothing like the voice of God.  So, when did you moved into the location that you are in today?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We began Services every Sunday at 8am at Higher Calling November 5, 2023, so this is our second Sunday at this location. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  Congratulations.  I love your new location. 

The Savvy Event Guru: When people come through those doors on Sunday, what type of experience do you want your guests and members to have?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We want people to have a VIP experience!  Everyone is a VIP when they walk through that door. Our Motto is that we treat everybody as a VIP regardless of status, gender, sexuality or color. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  And the VIP Experience is definitely what I experienced when I walked through those doors.

The Savvy Event Guru:  What's Next for Victory Grace Center?  What's next on your agenda?

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: Within the next 90 Days we want to build on the local experience for our guests and members. We want to build a Victorius Experience. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We also want to do more Global preaching. We want to build the online victorious experience.  So, our members will be able to get the Victory in Person experience and the Victory Online Global experience. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We have been fortunate to have over 30 countries and several states represented at Victory Grace Center! Texas, New Jersey, New York, South Africa, Trinidad to name a few. 

Dr. Jasmin Sculark: We want our members to know that they can always stay connected with Victory Grace Center. People will have 3 options to connect online.  Members can connect through Our YouTube Channel, our Facebook Page and Zoom. On both YouTube and Facebook people will get to experience First-hand preaching and on Zoom people will get to experience Engagement. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  Wow Dr. Jazz!  People like variety and Victory Grace Center offers what people want. 

The Savvy Event Guru:  Thank you Dr. Jazz for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today. I appreciate you tremendously.  

Dr. Jasmin Sculark:  No problem. Thank you!

The Savvy Event Guru:  For more information on Victory Grace Center please visit Victory Grace Center – It’s A Victory Day! and for more information on Dr. Jasmin Sculark aka Dr. Jazz please visit Dr Jasmin Sculark (iamdrjazz.org)


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Photo by Ms. Jackie Hicks, Make-up by Ms. Letitia Thornhill

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Sunday Mornings with Dr. Jazz & Victory Grace Center

  The VIP Experience from the Door to the Pew Every Sunday at Victory Grace Center with Dr. Jasmin Sculark!  On Sunday November 12, The Savv...