Sunday, August 18, 2019

DRUMROLL Please!!!! The NEW 2019-2020 Jr. Pre-Teen National American Miss Maryland goes to.....

Ms. Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight from Baltimore, MD!

On Saturday August 10, 2019 at approximately 7:07pm Ms. Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight was crowned the NEXT Jr. Pre-Teen National American Miss for Maryland at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, VA! The National American Miss Pageant to crown the next Jr. Pre-Teen Miss Maryland and Virginia took place on Thursday August 8 - Saturday August 10, 2019! 

The National American Miss Pageant was founded in 2003, the NAM Pageant is a pageant that was created to Grow Confidence and Create REAL WORLD SKILLS in girls ages 4 - 16!  ( NAM celebrates America’s greatness and the individuality of American girls. It is a program centered around helping young ladies grow and expand their ideas about who they are and what they want to achieve. (

Tears of JOY filled Sha'Miyae's eyes when her name was called to receive the NEW TITLE.  As she took her walk to the front of the stage to receive her flowers, the MISS Maryland Sash and her NEW crown the tears flowed a little more!
Sha'Miyae's family and others yelled and cheered with love for the NEW Jr. Pre-Teen National American Miss for Maryland. All her hard work and the work of her parents had paid off!!  

Ms. Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight walked away winning several of the Competitions from the August 8-10 National American Miss Pageant.

Sha'Miyae walked away with winning the TALENT COMPETITION where she performed a liturgical dance and a hip hop dance routine! She then won the CAUSAL WEAR COMPETITION, BEST RESUME and Sha'Miyae was 1st RUNNER UP for "MISS PERSONALITY".  Sha'Miyae worked hard and the wins she received were evidence of such!




But the Journey to becoming the NEXT National American Miss for Sha'Miyae began way before this night..........

At the tender age of 3, Sha'Miyae started her career as a dancer and today she performs liturgical dance, jazz dance, modern dance, ballet dance, lyrical and musical theater dance!

At the tender age of 4, Sha'Miyae began her quest to help the Homeless.  Her "1st Act of Kindness" was giving her own food away to someone she saw one day that was hungry and less fortunate than herself.  Her passion to help the homeless has continued and has also been recognized by her hometown. 

Sha'Miyae currently attends Baltimore International Academy French Immersion School; International Education for Global Leaders.  The mission of the Baltimore International Academy includes a commitment to providing an academically rigorous, international orientated and socially responsible learning environment that challenges all students to achieve and develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate responsibly in a changing world. (

 The Baltimore International Academy has helped shape the NEW National American Miss into the Leader that she is today!

The school that a child attends and the activities that a child participates in are very important and play a huge role in a child's development and their ability to navigate the world around them.  

Speaking of activities, This is not the first time that Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight has participated in the NAM Pageant.  She began participating in the National American Miss Pageant in 2015 at the age 5 and she has been recognized for her work in those pageants as well. 

To go to the next level Sha'Miyae's parents knew that they needed to make an investment in something more that would help Sha'Miyae in her pageants.  Sha'Miyae began working with Pageant Coaches from "Be Victorious Prep" in 2017 to get her to that next level!  
Sha'Miyae with her Coaches

In 2018 Sha'Miyae won"Miss Heart of Charity Sweetheart Queen" and received recognition from the Mayor and Baltimore City Councilmen for being a Good Citizen of Baltimore and for volunteering many hours of her time to the people of Baltimore.  

Sha'Miyae wants inner city youth to know that they can achieve their dreams if they work hard and stay focus.  No matter how young you are, you can still make a difference in your community.

There is so much that one can do in this life and for others.  Being young can't stop you from making an impact on the world and the people around you. 

Sha'Miyae started her own business called "Gifted Hearts" and with the money that she makes from her business, Sha'Miyae buys food for the homeless and gifts for children who have lost their parents.  Sha'Miyae's gift for helping others is refreshing.  It is a splendid joy to see someone so young, be so caring towards others. 

In the future Sha'Miyae has big plans and wants to win Miss Universe and become a Professional Dancer in Paris!  With her experience as a dancer, this will be an easy goal to accomplish!  With her business "Gifted Hearts" Sha'Miyae, plans to begin a program where she will purchase gifts for patients in the hospital, who aren't able to leave the hospital due to illness, etc. 

WHATS NEXT for this 2019 National American Miss.........
The National Miss Maryland is headed to The NATIONALS in Anaheim, California to Compete with the other 53 state Jr. Pre-Teen American Miss in November 2019!! 

To learn more about Ms. Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight's journey as the NEW 2019-2020 Jr. Pre-Teen National American Miss Maryland, follow her PAGE on Facebook under "Ms. Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight".  

For interest in sponsorship opportunities, donations and inquiries to contact Miss Maryland please contact Ms. Wanda Knight at or dial 667-207-4728 or dial Ms. Barbara Knight at 667-207-4722.  Cashapp, is also available in the event you would like to make a donation through this portal; $ShaMiyaeHintonKnight! 

We want to see the New 2019-2020 National American Miss Maryland, Ms. Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight reach the stars**and accomplish everything she sets out to do!  We in Maryland are rooting for you and will push to get you to the next level!

For More from The Savvy Event Guru check out and check out my next Story on The 2019-2020 JR. PRE-TEEN National American Miss Pennsylvania, Ms. Sophia Helaina. 

~Stephanie White

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  1. Congratulations �� very exciting news! Her hard work over the years is paying off!
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