Monday, August 5, 2019

Unique venue space at George Washington University...


On one of my wonderful site visits I had the great opportunity of visiting The Jack Morton Auditorium, located in the Dee J. Kelly Law Learning Center on the Campus of George Washington University!   

This venue is the PERFECT location and is the idea space to hold a debate, a town hall meeting and/or a press conference! 

The Auditorium 

The Space: 
This auditorium space is equipped with theatre style seating, a stage with TV screens, event lighting and a sitting area set for a talk show.  Have you seen the venue space at George Mason University yet? If you said no, Then what are you waiting for? The professional look of this space, puts me in mind of a space that could also be use as a News Station location and a Formal promotion ceremony venue.

Though located in downtown Washington, DC this venue is a gem and very easy to find.  If traveling downtown to see this venue or to attend an event at this venue, consider using the parking garage just a block away or public transportation to get to this venue. 

Other Venue Use:
This venue is also great for viewing movies, a lecture class and a committee meeting.

The formal look of the space is inviting and shows the character of the space.  Only minutes away from food and other activities this venue is a great venue for guests.

I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing this space, when I was on my search for a venue for my client's event.  The staff were attentive and prompt.  Though we did not use this space for my client's event, I will keep this event in mind for future events and would definitely recommend the space to others.  ANOTHER great Venue location to consider in the Washington, DC Metro Area!

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