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2019 NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS PAGEANT for the MARYLAND & Virginia Jr. Pre-Teen Contestants!

ALL- 2019 National Miss Pageant Jr. Pre-Teen Contestants for Maryland & Virginia

The 2019 National American Miss   Pageant for Maryland & Virginia   Contestants took place on August 8, 2019 - August 10, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel located at the Reston Town Center in Reston, VA!

Founded in 2003, the National American Miss Pageant is a pageant that was created to Grow Confidence and Create REAL WORLD SKILLS in girls ages 4 - 16!  (www.namiss.com)

NAM is a program based on the foundational principle of fostering positive self-image by enhancing natural beauty within. National American Miss is a program designed for today’s girl. NAM celebrates America’s greatness and the individuality of American girls. It is a program centered around helping young ladies grow and expand their ideas about who they are and what they want to achieve. NAM wants every girl to realize that she truly can take hold of her dreams and make them real!  (www.namiss.com) 

The National American Miss Pageant consist of 6 Pageant Categories; PRINCESS, JR. PRE - TEEN, PRE -TEEN, JR. TEEN, TEEN & MISS!  There are 53 STATE National American Miss Pageants!  

I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Pageant for Maryland & Virginia Contestants! I attended this event in support of my Goddaughter as a Jr. Pre-Teen Contestant from Maryland!  This 3 DAY Event was packed with so much, running, prepping, dressing and hair styling for the pageant girls! 

DAY 1 August 8, 2019 of the National American Miss Pageant:
  • 1:30pm-3:45pm: Pageant Check-in & Optional Contest Rehearsal
  • 6:15pm-7:15pm: Workshop
  • 7:30pm-8:15pm: Get Acquainted Party for Jr. Pre-Teens
DAY 2 August 9, 2019 of The National American Miss Pageant:
  • 8am-9pm: Orientation
  • 9:15am-9:30am: Group Photo with Jr. Pre-Teens
  • 9:45am-11am: (Optional) Talent Competition
  • 11:15am: (Optional) Casual Wear Competition
  • 12:00pm: DANCE REHEARSAL
  • 1:15pm-1:45pm: (Optional) Actress Competition
  • 3pm-4pm: ESCORT & FORMAL WEAR/Personal Introduction Rehearsal
  • 5:15pm-6pm: RED CARPET Photo Opportunity (Formal Wear)
  • 6:30pm-8:15pm: FORMAL WEAR & Personal Interview
DAY 3 August 10, 2019 of The National American Miss Pageant:
  • 8:15pm: Final Rehearsal
  • 10:15am-11:00am: Personal Interview with Judges
  • 5:30pm: PAGEANT FINALE - Grand Ballroom

The NAM Pageant is held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston Town Center in Reston, VA every year in August!  

This location is perfect for this type of event!  This 15 floor hotel holds over 200 guests, which is plenty of rooms for the many events and guests that they host.  With its on-site Panera Bread and separate restaurant/bar, guests don't have to go far to get good food and great coffee!

The Hotel is located in downtown Reston, VA with the Reston Town Center as the backyard of the hotel.  The Town Center has a large amount of restaurants, stores for shopping and several pet friendly establishments for guests and visitors.  Jackson, Uncle Julio's and Clyde's are just a few of the restaurants that I visited while there.  Also in the backyard of the Hyatt Regency Hotel you will find a HUGH outdoor Concert area and gaming area for kids and adults!  The PERFECT location for guests with plenty of activities! 

Entertainment for this pageant event was very simple.  At the start of each of the Formal Pageant Events, on both Day 2 and Day 3 of the pageant, we were serenade by a musical guest with one of her songs being "American the Beautiful.  From that point on, it was on with the Contestants and the Final Competitions. 

The Pageant Event HIGH LIGHTS:
Day 2 of the Pageant, the Contestants had the opportunity to go on stage in front of guests in their Personal Interview Outfits and recite to the judges and the audience, their name, where they are from and what they inspire to be when they grow up. 

The second event then involved the contestants changing into their Formal Pageant Gowns and taking a walk on the Stage with their escorts!  Escorts ranged from, dads, granddads to brothers.

On Day 3, which was the Finale Event the event began with a Dance Performance by All Jr. Pre-Teen contestants from both Maryland and Virginia.  After which the Contestants went and changed into their Formal Pageant Gowns for their final walk for the judges! 


I have attended the National American Miss pageant for 3 years and as a 3rd year attendee of The National American Miss Pageant, I am always in complete awe of the staff and each contestant I encounter at this event.  The itinerary that the parents received for the events was an outline of the day to day events and everything was organized to a T.  This is a HUGE plus considering the fact that I plan events as well and one thing that I can't stand is a disorganized event. 

Everyone knew where they needed to be and what time they needed to be there!  The ballroom, which is where the competitions took place and the finale event, had more than enough space to accommodate the contestants, their families and guests.  The decor was light and simple.  The NAM logo was present everywhere for the event with 2 large logos reflected on the stage. The event lighting was perfect for the occasion.  Less is more and sometimes the more decor you have the more clutter you have!  Outside the ballroom, parents and guests could purchase NAM products such as bags, t-shirts, jewelry, sashes and tiaras for their contestant.

The MC for the event didn't hesitate to begin the program and everything started on time and ended on time which allowed families to spend more time with their contestant.

After it was all said and done the NEW Jr. Pre-Teen National Miss for Maryland is Ms. Sha'Miyae Hinton-Knight and the NEW Jr. Pre-Teen National Miss for Virginia is Ms. Teagan Pendleton. 

It is always a wonderful pleasure to come and support my Goddaughter in everything she does.  

My goddaughter has participated in this pageant event for the last 5 years!   This 9-year old Jr. Pre-Teen did exceptional well in her Personal Interview and during her Walk on the Stage.  

 She was exceptionally Gorgeous in her Silver & Red Sparkle Pageant Gown!  For a little girl that has worked hard for this event, it was a proud moment for me to see her place in the "Photogenic Contest" in the pageant amongst the other contestants. This not only made her feel good on the inside, but it also helped boost her confidence in taking part in more contests at future events!  I am proud of her, but not only is she photogenic, she is a model, an actress and a Advocate for Sickle Cell Disease. You can learn more about this exceptional pageant contestant and rock-star on Facebook under KAYDE B.  

The Platform that the National American Miss Pageant creates for young girls is one that builds unbelievable confidence.  Any self-esteem issues that were once there are resolved and each young girl that participates in this pageant finds a new found passion for their life.  Not only do this girls, meet new friends but they also build a solid Sisterhood foundation! 

I believe that events like this help shape the life of our young girls and are certainly needed on so many different levels! 

More from The Savvy Event Guru & catch my next Story on the New 2019-2020 National American Miss Maryland JR Pre-Teen Ms. Sha'Miya Hinton-Knight!

~Stephanie White

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